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Do-It-Yourself Soil PH Test

Starting your garden project takes some strategy and pre-planning in order to ensure the process goes as good as possible. Many young gardeners, including myself, have made the mistake of assuming all soil is good for planting. This is one of the biggest misconceptions and causes people to think negatively of their skill in gardening and in many cases turn them against actually gardening.

The truth is all soil is not good planting soil. This does not mean through proper care and technique you can’t improve your soil conditions. This goes with the pre-planning process of gardening. Knowing what type of soil you have or don’t have will drastically affect how your crops will grow. Some crops grow well in different soil conditions and identifying those conditions before you plant your seeds will ensure you won’t self-destruct your own project before it even starts. Our Soul Gro blog shares all of our gardening content and will be there to help you throughout your gardening journey. Subscribe Today! Before you can make any major changes to the soil you have to test the soil for its PH level. The best soil for planting is either acidic soil, which is soil with a PH level of less than 7, or alkaline soil, which has a PH level of greater than 7.

Specific crops grow significantly better in their distinct soil levels so you must identify those and keep plants that grow in similar soil conditions together. This will help to improve your soil while providing the ideal conditions for the most crop yield. There are several ways to test the PH level of your soil. The most common is a home PH test you can find in your hardware or home and garden store. We are all about saving money so we want to explain an easy at-home PH level test that will help you identify alkaline or acidic soil simply. At BBM Publishing House, we curate and create content that helps to inspire, uplift, and educate people of color.

Our goal is to provide information that promotes positivity and changes the narrative within our community. This article showcases some of the best home alternatives for implementing a PH soil test. Testing Soil PH without a kit Looking to start a new home garden project? You can find all your equipment, tools, and seeds from They have all of the information you need to take your home garden project to the next level.